Steel & Electrical Works

Electrical & Sensor installation

  • Shale Shaker House
  • Living Quarters
  • Mud House / E- Gen House
  • Water Ballast/ Void / Dirty Oil Tanks
  • Main Deck & Attachments
  • Cantilever / Drill Floor
  • Crane Column
  • Mud Pump / Thruster Rooms
  • Rig Columns
  • Jack Up Legs
  • Living Quarters
  • Shale Shaker Houses
  • Mud House
  • Nitrogen Room
  • Building Pressurize Cabins & Modules
  • Wire Logging Platform

  • Mud Logging (specialize installation)
  • MWD Logging (specialize installation)
  • Complete Electrical work on Jack-ups

Optimistic in securing more projects in the future
Enquiries and strong partnership with PPL, Sembcorp , Keppel Fels & others Shipyards


Current demand for IT efficiency increases year by year, therefore arises the need for sourcing top quality products and engineering support. By utilising the services of our organisation, companies place themselves in the hands of time served experts & professionals . To date our fibre optic engineers & technicians have not received a single complaint.

Fibre optic installations have significantly increased in popularity within Local Area Networks (LAN). This is due to heavy bandwidth hungry applications placing a noticeable strain on old networks. As fibre allows for the effective transmission of large amounts of data, it’s inevitable to move along the direction of fibre optics and its as a worthwhile investment.

Fibre Optic Services

  • Our engineers are proficient with the following data cabling
  • Multimode OM1 to OM4.
  • Single mode OS1 & OS2
  • Blown Fibre
  • External Armoured Fibre SWA and CSTA
  • Termination and OTDR Testing
  • Fault Finding
  • Repair

Telephone Cabling

We provide telephone cabling suited to various customer’s requirements.
Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre Optic Cabling forms the basis of backbone cabling bridging the networks between different floor and other different buildings. Our expertise and experience range from installing short length of 100 metres multimode fibre cable to thousands of metres of single mode fibre cable. Our services in this area includes direct termination, fusion splicing, closure installation in manholes, cable laying, fibre/cable blowing, power meter and OTDR testing.

We are a reasonably priced but high quality contractor specializing in copper and fibre optic cable and accessories installations.

Our staffs have many accumulated years of experience in various industries such as Telecommunication, Petrol- Chemical, Marine, Manufacturing, Retail and therefore very familiar with the requirements of each sector.

We have been involved in many extreme or unusual locations such as manholes, container ports, ships, oil rigs, and rooftops.

You can be assured your network will be in the good hands of our technicians, well-trained to perform in an efficient and proper manner to ensure minimum loss to your network.


  • We try our best to meet any requirements and situations
  • Customer’s satisfaction is our No.1 priority
  • We will perform professionally and efficiently under any circumstances